Building dreams into reality

Mark Huff Construction was founded in 2006 and has grown from specializing in residential remodel projects into a full service general contractor. Providing services in the San Francisco Bay Area with everything from kitchen and bathroom remodels to complete home renovations, additions and commercial tenant improvements. We maintain a local, small company feel with the professionalism of a large company.


At Mark Huff Construction, our aspiration isn't to simply build impressive spaces but to design and deliver outstanding experiences. Our approach is provide total service, tailored to the client's individual needs. The details are not the details, they make the product.

We've developed close partnerships with architects, engineers, and subcontracting professionals. From scouting properties to financial strategies, our design-build solutions, expertise and full service approach gives ease of mind to our clients.


We are a motley crew of spirited, curious, and sharp individuals with a passion for quality and a hunger for perfection. We push boundaries without fear and challenge convention to execute outstanding results. We live and breathe to experiment, growing and collaborating to create. We welcome your challenge.


Proper organization before the commencement of a project is essential. Well planned schedules, accurate estimates, coordination of contracts, legal, and insurance requirements allows for projects to flow smoothly.

With over a decade of experience, Huff Construction has estimated countless projects big and small which gives us the ability to perform a full analysis of each project design to provide transparent and accurate estimates.

Who we are:

Mark Huff


Mark has devoted his entire career to working in construction. He started learning carpentry fresh out of high school to gain a foundation in residential remodeling. After joining the Carpenters Union and serving a formal apprenticeship, he began working on large scale commercial projects as a union journeyman carpenter.

With more than a decade of experience, Mark relocated from Cleveland to San Francisco and got his contractor's license. From there, he started Huff Construction which has grown into a successful multi-crew operation. Since then, Mark Huff has become a highly respected name in the local construction community, playing a large role in both residential and commercial project all across the Bay Area.

Today, Mark's main focus is on project management and business development. When work cuts him a break, he enjoys weekend getaways to the beach with his fiancé Gena, his son Tyler, and dog Sheila.

Mark Huff


"We celebrate the area that we specialize in – from strategy to delivery."

Paco Bendezu

Field Superintendent

Paco was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and moved to San Francisco in 2004, where he has been building and remodeling ever since. He obtained his general contractor's license in 2009 but prefers to work in a multi-crew environment.

Over the course of ten years, Paco has perfected all phases of carpentry. He joined Mark Huff Construction in early 2014 to expand his knowledge of construction management. Challenged with everyday operations and overseeing the crew and sub-contractors, Paco also manages to charm clients with his attention to detail and open communication.

During his free time, Paco enjoys jamming on his guitar and keyboard and downtime on the golf course. He also loves spending time with his wife and two children.

Paco Bendezu

Field Superintendent

"I think the thing to do is enjoy the job while you're on it."

We are professional

Do no harm. It confounds us hearing about homes being destroyed while additions are being built or during a kitchen remodel. Protecting your home and your family during the building process is one of the most important aspects of our job.

Communication is key. We are committed to give positive experiences to not only our clients but also to our teammates and collaborators. Our office is not our truck's tailgate or off the kitchen table. We are always available via phone or email. Our field superintendents are well equipped with computers and Wi-Fi on-site for better organization and prompt email responses.

Precision from the beginning. Estimates are never scribbled on a napkin. We have thorough estimating procedures that are completely transparent and detailed. You will know exactly what every phase of construction, every fixture, and every permit fee is going to cost. We don't think our clients need a yes man as a contractor. Our belief is to be upfront about all the costs involved in any particular design.

We are sustainable

We understand that construction puts a burden on our environment. Harvesting and disposing demolished materials leaves heavy footprints on our planet. In every project, we work with our clients to try to re-purpose existing materials when possible. We have milled old floor joists into beautiful casings, turned old redwood siding into lawn chairs, and cut old granite countertops to make bespoke coffee tables. To be more sustainable, we only use FSC certified redwood for decks and fences, solvents and chemicals are discarded in lawful and environmentally safe ways. And above all, we build to last. Nothing is more disposable and environmentally careless than poorly built structures that have to torn down and rebuilt after a few years.

Building dreams into reality